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Savannah Extra Tall Bar Stool With Arms

 Savannah Extra Tall Bar Stool With Arms
Savannah Extra Tall Bar Stool With Arms



Material: Metal

Dimensions: 48.25H x 17W x 17D inches

Seat: 34 inches, upholstered, with swivel, with arms

Our Rating:

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 What We Like

What I absolutely love about this stool is that it has arms!  This is quite unusual for an indoor bar stool – I haven’t found many like this.  Another great feature is that the backrest is upholstered as well as the seat, which makes it extra-comfortable.  There’s a massive choice of different fabrics, including patterns as well as solid colors, and there are almost as many different frame finishes too.  I love all the decorative accents on the backrest and arms.  Apparently this stool is commercial quality, and it certainly seems robust and well-built.  Another good point is the padded feet to prevent it damaging the floor.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

I can’t really find anything I don’t like about this stool.  The only very minor thing is that it takes a bit more time to properly clean it because of the ornate details.

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