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Custom Bar Stools

Arlington 30" Barstool

Tempo - Arlington 30" Barstool with Arms

MSRP: $295.00
Now From: $199.99!


Bullseye Counter Stool

Tempo - Bullseye Backless 26" Swivel Stool

MSRP: $175.00
Now From: $125.00!


Carole Custom Barstool

Holsag - Carole Custom Barstool (24" - 30")

MSRP: $220.00
Now From: $169.99!


Bulldog Specialty Color Wood Bar Stool

Holsag - Bulldog Custom Bar Stool

MSRP: $215.00
Now From: $169.99!


Bulldog Custom Backless Bar Stool

Holsag - Bulldog Custom Backless Bar Stool

MSRP: $159.00
Now From: $115.00!


Brazilia Backless 34" Barstool

Tempo - Brazilia Backless 34" Barstool

MSRP: $225.00
Now From: $187.99!


Wilson 33.5" Swivel Tall Bar Stool

Trica - Wilson 33.5" Swivel Tall Bar Stool

MSRP: $165.00
Now From: $150.00!

Hermosa Bar Stool QS

Tempo - Hermosa Backless Bar Stool

MSRP: $155.00
Now From: $132.99!

Valencia Spoke Back Bar Stool

Grand Rapids Chair - Valencia Spoke Back Bar Stool

MSRP: $485.00
Now From: $315.00!

If you have a specific look in mind when choosing the furniture for your home bar or kitchen diner, then you may want to consider having some bar stools customized to just how you want them.  This way you get to choose the exact style, color, finish and height to match your décor and meet your seating requirements.

There’s a selection of custom made bar stools available, with the features that can be customized varying depending on each individual style.  For example, on some you personalize just the color of the upholstered seat or the finish of the frame, whereas others allow you to specify the exact height you want as well.  There’s actually a surprising number of different colored fabric and vinyl seats to choose from.

Both metal and wood bar stools can be customized.  The metal ones are made from powder coated steel, which comes in a range of finishes such as antique gold or bronze.  The wooden frames are usually made from beech, which can be stained or painted almost any color of the rainbow.  Choosing the color and finish of your custom bar stools is a great way to add your personal touch to your decorating and ensure you get seats that fit just right with your room.

Featured Custom Bar Stool

Holsag - Bulldog Custom Bar Stool

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You can customize this Holsag bar stool in numerous ways to meet your exact specifications.  The frame is made from European beech hardwood and comes in a phenomenal choice of 25 different colors – virtually any color you can think of.  As well as choosing the exact color, you can choose between a solid wood seat, which is sculpted for extra comfort, or a padded one, upholstered in one of 80 vinyls or fabrics. 

This is a commercial quality stool with a sturdy construction.  Holsag use a special lacquer to act as an extra durable protective coat on all their stools, to prevent scratches and chips.  It should stand up to lots of use and abuse, and would be great in a breakfast bar or kitchen. 

In addition to coming in all kinds of colors, this stool also has a customized seat height, anywhere from 24’’ to 30’’, so you can order stools to fit your counter height perfectly.  You can even choose the finish of the kickplate – either brass or chrome – or whether you don’t want one at all.  This stool comes with free shipping throughout the US and Canada.