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S-Curve Adjustable Height Stool 

 S-Curve Adjustable Height Stool
S-Curve Adjustable Height Stool



Material: Metal, with chrome finish

Dimensions: 26-30H x 14W x 16D inches

Seat: Adjustable, 26-30 inches, un-upholstered, with swivel, with back, no arms

Brand: Wholesale Interiors

Our Rating:

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 What We Like

I love the modern look of this ultra stylish bar stool.  The chrome finish, particularly the large circular base, makes it look very fashionable and contemporary.  The seat is made from solid vinyl with a wood veneer and comes in either black or walnut.  I like the convenience of the swivel function as it makes it easy to get on and off quickly.  The adjustable seat height is really useful and it’s really simple to adjust it.  I think you get a lot of cool features for a bargain price.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

I think it would be a nice touch if the seat was slightly padded.  Although it’s curved and feels quite comfortable, I think if I sat on it for too long it would feel a bit hard and uncomfortable.

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