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Polywood - Nautical 29.5” Outdoor Bar Chair 

 Nautical 29.5” Outdoor Bar Chair


Material: Wood

Dimensions: 24.33H x 16W x 16D inches

Seat: 24 inches, upholstered, backless, swivel

Brand: Polywood

Our Rating:


Polywood - Nautical 29.5" Outdoor Bar Chair
Polywood - Nautical 29.5" Outdoor Bar Chair



 What We Like

When I first saw this stool I didn’t realize it was made from plastic – it looks a lot like real wood.  But apparently what it’s made from is something called Poly-Wood, which has a number of advantages.  It’s recycled plastic, so that has to be better for the environment for a start.  It is also meant to be virtually indestructible and maintenance free (unlike wood) and even has a 5 year warranty.  You’re meant to be able to leave it outside all year round, in any weather, as it won’t rot, crack or fade.  I like the fact that it doesn’t need any looking after, other than the occasional clean.  I found it very comfortable to sit in, especially with the wide arms, and I think it’s good that it comes in a range of different colors.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

The only downside of this stool is that it is rather heavy – but then I guess it has to be otherwise it would blow over in the wind!

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