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Linon - 30" Backless Bar Stool (2 Pack)

 Linon 30" Backless White Bar Stool


Material: Wood (pine), with rush seat

Dimensions: 29.33H x 13.75W x 13.75D inches

Seat: 30 inches, un-upholstered, backless, no swivel

Brand: Linon

Our Rating:

Linon - 30" Backless Bar Stool (2 Pack)
Linon - 30" Backless Bar Stool (2 Pack)




Linon - 30" Backless Bar Stool (2 Pack)
Linon - 30" Backless Bar Stool (2 Pack)

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 What We Like

What immediately drew me to this pair of stools was their clean and fresh look.  They’ve got a spotless bright white frame and a light colored rush seat, which gives them a lovely natural look.  I think these stools would look great with almost any style of casual kitchen décor.  I like their simple, straight lines.  Their style is practical rather than fussy and fancy, which I quite like.  They’re comfortable enough to sit on, with the foot rails being at a nice height for me.  They seem stable and sturdy, and I like the fact that they’re light enough and small enough to move easily and you can slide them under the bar when you’re not using them.  What I really like about these stools is that they come as a pair, so they are really good value for the price.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

These stools don’t come ready-assembled, so I had to put them together myself when they arrived.  This was easy to do actually, and the instructions were clear and simple to understand.  From a purely practical perspective, I think the light colors of these stools might be susceptible to looking dirty with regular use, and would need to be kept really clean to look their best.

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