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Emeco - Outdoor Counter Stool

 Emeco Counter Stool


Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 24H x 14W x 14D inches

Seat: 24 inches, backless, optional vinyl seat pad

Brand: Emeco

Our Rating:


Emeco Counter Stool
Emeco - Outdoor Counter Stool



 What We Like

If you read about how this stool is made it’s like a design masterpiece.  It’s handcrafted following a 77 step process and comes with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee.  It comes in a choice of powder-coated color finishes, or brushed or hand polished aluminum.  It’s good for the environment as it’s made from recycled aluminum.  I like the fact that it’s lightweight, so I can easily move it to different areas of my garden, and the frame seems to stay cool even on really hot days.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

This counter stool has a very contemporary look, which isn’t to everyone’s taste.  I’d say it’s a functional rather than pretty stool.  It’s OK to sit on, and is available with a vinyl seat pad, which I think would make it more comfortable.

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