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24” O & X Back Metal Counter Stool

 24" O & X Back Metal Counter Stool
24” O & X Back Metal Counter Stool


Material: Metal

Dimensions: 42H x 21W x 20.25L inches

Seat: 24 inches, upholstered, with swivel, backrest, no arms

Brand: All Other Brands

Our Rating:

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 What We Like

This is a well-built metal stool that feels sturdy and durable.  I was attracted by the bold, simple style of the backrest, and the sculpted legs.  It has quite a fancy design, but fortunately what it has in looks it matches in comfort.  The seat is nice and wide and very well-padded and comfortable.  An added bonus is the swivel feature, which saves me having to pull it across my floor whenever I get on or off it.

 What We Don’t Like So Much

There’s no other choice of finish or upholstery.  The dark colors look good, but it would be nice to have the option of a different finish if these colors wouldn’t work with your décor.

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